Report Stolen Metals

Scrap metal theft is an ongoing problem which we are trying to prevent

Scrap_Metal_Recycling_Association_NZ_Logo.pngIt is a legal requirement for us to ask for photo ID for scrap purchases. The aim of this is to help Police apprehend and provide evidence against the thieves. We are members of the Scrap Metal Recycling Association of New Zealand which is dedicated to raising the standards of the metal recycling industry. If you've had something stolen which may be sold as scrap, please go to their website and fill out a "Stolen Metals" report. Once they've received it, an email will be sent to scrap dealers alerting them of the theft.


We will quarantine anything we suspect as being stolen and notify the Police with the details. 

Click here to report stolen metals


Check out this TV3 article which covers how Western Recycling help crack down on vandalized and stolen metals