A: There are many grades of scrap metal with different values, depending on the metal recovery and market conditions. Scrap metal is generally bought by weight ($ per kg or $ per tonne) rather than as individual items. When you come to our yard, we’ll sort and explain the different grades and weigh them in front of you. We can give you an estimate of the value over the phone but please remember that it’s more accurate if we can see the material.
A:  Yes we can. However, there are minimum amounts required to make it worth picking up. Please contact us for details.
A:  Yes, but if it’s your first time coming to us remember to bring a photo ID such as a drivers license, passport, firearms license or 18 plus card.
A:  Yes we can- subject to the amount of scrap, length of time required and location. Please contact us for details.
A:  No, however we can pay for them if their valves have been removed.
A: We can pay for Aluminium rims with the tyres on but we don’t accept steel rims with tyres. Check the rim with a magnet if you’re not sure which is which, if the magnet sticks then the rim is steel.
A:  No, due to falling metal prices we cannot accept them at this time.
A: No, we don’t but we will try to recommend someone who can.
A:  Yes we do, but they need to be drained of oil otherwise we’ll have to make a deduction from the weight.
Yes, we buy lead acid batteries which are mainly found in cars, trucks and boats. Lead acid batteries from other sources sometimes have a recycling symbol with “Pb” written on it. We don’t buy batteries from appliances such as torches or electronic devices.
A:  No, we don’t. They need to be returned to the brewery they came from.
A:  Well, yes- but not very much. They are only worth as much per kilogram as scrap Aluminium cans. To get one kilogram, it takes approximately 60 empty cans. To make up the same weight will take 3000 can tabs!

A:  Yes, we can. Contact us for a quote!