There are many different grades of scrap metal. Once everyday items reach the end of their usable lifespan, it's time to recycle them. We buy items that are either made of metal or have a large amount of metal in them. We then process them to international specifications, ready for export.

Steel, Lead, Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Nickel etc are found in many different products which you come across every day.

When we use the term "clean" to describe scrap metal, it means it's free of contaminants and within the required specification.

The general rule of thumb is "the purer the metal = the higher the value".
Listed below are some of the products we buy. If you have any questions, please contact us!


Aluminium Extrusion
Aluminium Wire
Bright Copper Wire
Insulated Copper Cable


WhitewareSteel items with non-metallic contaminants (plastic, wood, rubber, glass etc) e.g. Fridges, Stoves, Washing machines, bicycles, and other appliances etc  

At present we cannot accept any Whiteware appliances due to falling metal prices.




Steel less than 4 mm thick. e.g Roofing iron, car panels, filing cabinets, shelving, steel furniture etc.

Steel greater than 4 mm thick. Greater than 1 metre by 1 metre in size. e.g. Machinery, steel beams, pipes, framing etc

Insize SteelSteel greater than 4 mm thick. Less than 1 metre by 1 metre in size. e.g Nuts and bolts, car parts, steel wheel rims, steel offcuts, valves etc.







bright copper wireUncoated, clean bare copper wire greater than 1.5 mm thick.





Unalloyed copperUncoated, clean unalloyed Copper. Including bare wire less than 1.5 mm thick, punchings, busbar, pipes and sheet.






Unalloyed copper sheetCoated, unalloyed Copper sheet, pipes and wire. Tin or Nickel plated wire and burnt Copper wire also acceptable. Must be free of excessive grease, dirt, solder and ash.





Miscellaneous CopperMiscellaneous Copper including hot water cylinders, guttering, kettles and plumbing scrap. A nominal amount (less than 5%) of brass and non-metallics is acceptable. Should be free of iron, grease and dirt.










brassBrass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. Taps, sink wastes, lamp fittings, valves, ornaments, pipes etc. Chrome or Nickel plated Brass is accepted also. Must be free of iron, dirt and excessive plastic.









Insulated copper wiresElectrical wiring covered in plastic insulation. The value is determined by the amount of Copper recovery in the material. The less insulation, plugs and fittings- the higher the value. Includes car looms, household electrical wiring, extension leads, mains cable offcuts etc.





 brass radiatorsAutomotive Copper finned radiators free of iron, plastic and Aluminium. Radiators with brass tanks are acceptable.






88.jpgAutomotive Copper finned radiators with steel attachments and/or plastic tanks. Weight deductions may be made for fans or excessive steel.







Aluminium beverage cans Used Aluminium beverage cans free from dirt, rubbish and other contaminants.






Scrap aluminiumScrap Aluminium material, generally household scrap. Includes ladders, pots and pans, paneling, painted sheet, joinery, corrugated roofing, number plates, outdoor furniture etc. Should be free from excessive steel and other contaminants.






Cast AluminiumAluminium that has been cast into a shape. Includes lawnmower bodies, engine parts, machinery housings etc. Should have less than 1% steel contamination and be free of excessive oil, dirt and rubbish.





Aluminium ClipClean Aluminium sheet, plate or punchings free of dirt, plastic and contaminants like paint etc.






Aluminium ExtrusionClean Aluminium rod, bar or joinery. Must be free of any attachments including rivets, fittings or any non-metallics.






Aluminium Wheel RimsClean Aluminium wheels without tyres. Does not include two piece wheels and must be free of bolts and rivets.






Stainless Steel

Stainless SteelClean non-magnetic Stainless Steel including benchtops, sinks, shower trays, sheet off cuts, pipes, nuts and bolts etc. Must be free of wood, steel and other contaminants.







Clean LeadClean Lead including flashings, sinkers, pipes etc. Does not include wheel weights or Lead head nails.






Lead Wheel WeightsLead wheel weights from wheel rims.






Lead head nails from roofing. Shouldn’t be mixed with standard steel nails.

Lead Acid BatteriesLead acid batteries from vehicles, alarms or generators. Sometimes has a recycling symbol with “Pb” printed in it.






Electric Motors

Electric motorsElectric motors, whole or dismantled, containing Copper windings. Includes alternators, starter motors, washing machine motors etc. Does not include fridge motors (sealed units)





Fridge compressors from fridges and air conditioning units.

Mixed metals

Mixed MetalsMixed metals is a low grade of scrap including Aluminium, Copper, Stainless Steel which is contaminated with steel
or other metals. Includes machines, gearboxes, Irony Aluminium engine parts etc. Must be free of excessive dirt, oil and grease.







Cars, TVs, Computer Monitors, Containers with oil/paint or other contaminants, Steel rims with tyres and Gas bottles with valves attached.